Overcoming the Day to Day Cycle

The past couple of days have been a stressful, over dramatic, over hysterical, mess. My family is completely on the fence with me going out and testing myself. It’s a pretty sucky situation, but if I can overcome this, then nothing else is gonna stand in my way. Like i said prior, all of this is really just pushing me forward. To prove them wrong would be a great feat. They think I’m gonna give up. They don’t think I got what it takes, either that or they just don’t want me to leave.

A young man needs to just go sometimes- to find out what it takes to be a real, man. Sometimes, you just need the right direction. Sometimes it chooses you. I’m in the position where I’m choosing it. ‘m actively seeking out how to better my life in a way I think coincides well with who I am. I’m driven, passionate, and extremely head strong. I don’t like my situation here. I don’t want to just do really well, and have to have the best of everything. I want simplicity. I want to live my life simply. I could toss out luxury cars, money, women, status and all those other things that makes up the way most people think they need to live their lives.

It’s easy for me to say all that though, I’ve never had any of them. My family and I have eked out a pretty decent life for ourselves- by society’s standards. It’s not what I want though. Like I keep saying, I really like simple. From watching the sun come up to gazing at the stars. To fulfilling my childhood wonder of the world around me. To see 10 miles ahead of me of just pure ocean, or mountain range. Pack it all up and find myself in a different place the next morning. To most, a simple life like this just doesn’t exist. It’s “unrealistic” In many ways- in my eyes,  it’s the most natural of ways to live. Simple, at peace with your self, the land and the people who surround you in your life.

I was told this morning I’m living in a fantasy world. My only reply was that “I see the world for how it is” They won’t take me seriously though until I’ve grown and come back from these experiences. I want to be taught, most kids now a-days are looking, and expecting for the knowledge to just fall on their god damn head. They don’t care, they don’t want to care. They think the government owes them or that they DESERVE to have these things in life. Be it either their upbringing, society, this economy, or the warped way in which we teach our children now. Everyone thinks they are entitled.

I’m on a quest, I don’t want to live my life the way everyone else thinks I should! In fact, I think more people should jump out of their skin for a day and really try and do things that challenge them. Mentally physically, spiritually. Young or old, lots of money or none at all. Get out there, try something new. Why conform? Why do what everyone else does. “Be a leader not a follower” Most of us are taught that throughout our lives. I think it’s time some people start practicing that, or at least be open minded towards those who choose to live a different life from that of what is generally accepted by most.

I’ve got a lot of really great supporters cheering me on and I wanted to take the time to thank them. You guys, and gals have been my backbone when I was feeling low, or down. The wind in my sails when there was none. And a helping hand when I was down. I really appreciate the words, and the expressions shown by so many of you, friends old and new. Thank you so very much.

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