It’s Normal Feeling this Way

For the last several days I’ve been kinda taking in all opinions and suggestions from friends, family and worrisome acquaintances.  They care, some don’t. Most just want me to stay home. It’s funny to see my interest in anything else but heading out to start my journey, dwindle rapidly.  My focus is set. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been this focused on anything else before! Everything I now do is in preparation, or because I’m only 2 months away from Alaska. I even took a small hiatus from this blog because I felt like a broken record!

I feel like I should be upset. I feel like I should really, truly miss the life I have here. It’s a decent life. I’ve got a steady job, a place to live and food in my belly every night. I just can’t complain. And yet I find myself looking for less. That’s just the basics of it though. I feel like I won’t miss my friends or family down here. I figured it would pass but, I’m ready to carve out a new life for myself! To take the chance, plunge into the icy deep and come out with a new sense of accomplishment. A new breath of life.

There is a whole world waiting for ME. It’s an emotionally charged feeling. with this feeling comes the sense of self worth. I feel I can really make something of myself. Something I can be proud of. I can carry my accomplishments with me like some sort of trophy. At least in my head.

Perhaps it’s just normal to feel this way. To want something so badly that your ready to break out of what ever mortal binds hold you to- well, you. Shake off the wrought iron chains of your previous life and start completely fresh. I want that feeling every day.

To some, I’m being completely selfish. I simply reply, “nothings stopping you” And that’s true. If I had no means to acquire transportation up north, I have two very capable legs. My cousin dubs em “Chevro-legs” Ha ha. But nothing is really stopping anyone from going out and accomplishing your goals. I feel I’m going to have a much broader perspective on that soon. But it really takes no more than a thought and your backpack.

Love and peace.

2 thoughts on “It’s Normal Feeling this Way

  1. Don’t feel weird about not getting that feeling of fear or nervousness. This is a big thing and you’ve been thinking and talking about it for a while – and now it’s happening! You’ll probably miss people while you’re gone but at the same time that’s a normal thing. You’re young and there’s honestly no better time to explore and have an adventure!

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