Significance Cycle

Everything you do in life is significant. It defines who you are as a person. It gives fore-sight into the things you do and how you accomplish them. Nothing is insignificant. To me, every action you make gradually defines who you are to become.

When people say “it doesn’t matter” or “who cares”, it bothers me. Maybe because of my new found portrayal of life and being positive. I believe being negative won’t get you anywhere in life. To truly live a happy, long, carefree, stress-less, life, it’s gotta start with you.

Like most things in life, this may be a matter of perspective and quite literally, how I perceive it. I’ve taken a good amount of thought into it actually, and came up with a sort of cycle. Here,  I’ll explain to you how I see it.

Let’s start off with the ultimate goal: Success. Weather physical, monetarily, sociologically or how ever else you personally measure it- that’s your ultimate goal. People in life want to be successful at things. I want to be a successful person in the sense that I want to help other people create their own success. I want to help others. That’s my goal. That’s how I measure my success everyone is different in their end results.

That’s the prize at the end of the tunnel, but how do we get there? Well, as I’ve said above the significance is everything you do that leads up to it. Think of it as your building blocks or stepping stones. You have your goal (your success) waaay at the top of some mountain. You have many ways to get up the mountain. You could fly, climb, hike, drive or you could build your own set of stairs. This is how I look at it. If you build your own stairs not only do you appreciate the hard work you put in to gain your success, but you’ve also paved a way for others to reach similar goals. I think that’s really important.

Which leads to something called happiness. I like the word positivity, but any word out of the thesaurus will do.  It comes as you see your cumulative efforts working together like links in a chain. For example: The fact that I do volunteer work with my community, has left a positive impression in it. The significance of my work has led to a lot of success in my life. When the community recognizes the work I’ve done and the road that we’ve paved, they show their gratitude and I receive my happiness. Like I said, links in a chain.

Okay so you set your ground work. You’ve reached the success in what you wanted to accomplish and are pretty happy about it. So what left is there for you to do. Well, if you’re like me, you’d want to continue and build off of that success and happiness you just achieved. Achievement. As  it is written in the dictionary: something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc…Achievements are like the closing of a chapter on your success. A bigger step towards that final goal. The final product may not be for everyone, yet we all have it.

Your legacy. It’s something that even while you’re dead and gone- can, and will, have a lasting impact. It’s all your accumulated achievements in life, built up around your success’, happiness and the significance that you put into it. It’s your impression on the world and man kind that gets remembered. Weather it’s family or friends. A small village or a city. A nation or even a country.

Everything in life is significant. Everything you do directly effects your legacy. How do you want to be remembered?

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