Two Worlds

We stand there, almost as if we were two worlds apart- staring off into the night sky, waiting, watching, hoping the other to reach across and take each others hand. We don’t. We’re reserved, we’ve hurt to much and it would be so easy to just walk across galaxies now, wouldn’t it? The closer we stand, the farther apart I feel.

My life-up to now, feels so empty. I know I’ve done a lot of good. I believe I’ve even changed peoples lives for the better. But what about my own? The difference between then and now is that you came along. You’re so different. You’re almost like me- I find it extremely fascinating. It’s kind of like hiking to the top of a mountain, and when you get the the summit, it’s incredibly windy. It’s hard to find the words to describe what you’re seeing, but even if you could, the wind makes it so difficult to talk. But it’s a beautiful feeling.

I found you, wandering this earth, spiting the world for all the blight it’s bestowed upon you. It’s not your fault, you must see it that way. I too was once in this position. All the anger you have, all the rage burning deep inside you. And you feel helpless. But hope is not lost.

The stage is set, the lights burn and buzz to life. The old wooden floor boards creak beneath the shadowy visaed of a man you once knew- steps on stage. He calmly walks ever closer towards you. You start to make out his features. He walks with confidence but he holds a lot back. His shoulders are strong, he has born a great deal of weight on them. His eyes, warm, inviting, looking straight into yours. Honesty is the first word that comes to mind. His face of a man in his early years but bears some wrinkles as he’s been though hardships of his own. The face is kind, a smile starts to bend on his lips, eyes still dead set on you. He walks closer, he goes to extend his hand but in an instant he’s gone.

It was everything you wanted. Everything you needed, but he’s gone now. Was he ever real to begin with? You question your self more. “What did I do wrong?” you ask. “Why didn’t I reach out sooner?” You wrack your brain with thoughts of your happiness with this young man.You dwell on your failure. It hurts.

Cold are the days where the man now resides. Cold, simplistic, yet precise, thoughts. He’s calm. Snow falls over frigid mountains, the air is thin, the stars are boundless. He looks into the sky, and raises out his hand, almost expecting someone to grab it. He lowers his arm over his knee, his face, a soft wrinkled smile. Tears roll down his face. He lowers his head and stays silent.

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