Shades of Green

The sun peaks just above the tree line. Walden pond is silent and still. The fog just beginning to break, the water a deep shade of blue and purple. The nocturnal critters scurry about, quickly dashing out of sight as I approach.

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The world is just starting to awaken as I take my first steps on the rocky shore. I can feel each stone under my feet. I think of it as a “Welcome” mat- of sorts. Song birds are now at full tempo, making sure everyone hears their cry’s of joy. The morning has come.

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I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come back here. This place hasn’t forgotten about me. As I walk along the waters edge, the sun starts to warm me- almost as if it’s draped a blanket over my shoulders. The water begins to bubble. It’s healthy, full of life. I like to think that at one some point back then, billions of years ago, life sprung from something like this. Healthy

bacterium, you can tell it’s healthy by the pungent odor it gives off. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I recede from the bank and make my way onto the main paths. Soft trampled dirt greet me from the rocky shore line. Worn thin by those who’ve traversed them- comfortable like a broken in shoe or mattress. My feet remember this feeling. I wear Vibrams, the sort of shoe where each toe has it’s own pocket. It’s a different- and wonderful, experience than parading around the forest in boots all day.

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There is a horse barn just before the entrance to the woods. It’s still quiet enough in the morning that you can her them trouncing about in their pens, ready and rearing to take on the day. If you’re lucky you get to see the beasts on the trail. Other evidence is to be found if you aren’t so lucky. The smell of farm animals fills the air. Horse droppings, still steaming and warm, litter the main trail. Hoof tracks abound, almost guiding the way.

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About half way down the main trail coming into a fork, a cool breeze sends a shiver down my spine. I’m alone. I walk along slower, breathe

deep and break out into childlike laughter. I raise my arms to the sky and for the first time in a long time, I’m happy. Remembering this overwhelming feeling, I notice that all these shades of green hold little secrets. Thing I was aware of, but not something I could actually sense. I felt empowered by my surroundings. I saw past the tangled mess and found beauty, hidden beneath savage fronds like children hiding out of fear.

Walking along, I notice the sprawling life running towards the sun. To capture the warmth we  take for granted. Their sole goal in life, to get closer to the Sol. It’s 1 part heart breaking and another part inspiring. No better way to illustrate this than to just simply show you the photo.

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Life it sounds so ancient yet it’s occurring right before our eyes. We just need to look. In all cases, it happens weather you wish to stop it or not. It’s something we take for granted, it’s something seldom talked about, at least until the end of it.

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