Disclaimer: This is different from anything i’ve ever written. During this session, I fire off anything that pops into my head. Perhaps we can take a glimpse into what i’m thinking about? Novice experiment anyone? Buckle up, keep your arms in the vehicle at all times, the driver lost his mind…

Sometimes you find insight in the least expected place. In the dark, drinking coffee, sittin’ on the pot, or just walking along.

Sometimes when you truly need confidence to keep going, it was right under your nose the whole time.

Sometimes you get aggravated. Or just so mad that you can’t stand anything anymore.

Sometimes you realize that those things you got/get angry about pale in comparison to anything really.

Sometimes you think you look good.

Sometimes you hate yourself.

Sometimes we tend to forget where we came from.

Sometimes we do things because we love someone.

Sometimes we only think we know what love is.

Sometimes the world does revolve around you (it’s just highly improbable)

sometimes you realize that just doing whats in your heart makes a world of difference.

Sometimes we see how race, creed, ignorance, shape, size, greed, philanthropy, aggression, hatred, politeness never changed the fact that we are all one people.

Sometimes we fear the unknown.

Sometimes we embrace it.

Sometimes we look back and realize that the bad times were just steppingstones, paths to the people we are today.

Sometimes the bad times weren’t even that bad at all.

Sometimes you find that person who really pushes you to be who you are. He/she is so overjoyed by your success and you don’t know what to make of ANY of it.

Sometimes when your life is all washed up, but you’ve run out of beaches to crash on, you ……………

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