Reflections: Part 1

Time. To some people it eats away at their heals before they ever notice. For others, they never had a chance. And still people like me, realize that time is how you live your life every single second of every single day. It’s true, you can’t always plan ahead of time. Why would you? Anyone who knows me realizes I keep my schedule as open as possible. It reflects on who I am as a person, to some degree.

I’m an open ended individual. I believe that life is in fact, what you make it. Every moment is precious and crucial. Sounds immensely stressful but that’s how I rule my life. This is the man I am and people only choose to change when they either want to or need to. Devoting my time and life is of utmost importance to me.

I’m willingly devoting my self to the cause of nature, life and humanity. I aspire to use my voice and actions to preserve and protect them. A conservationist, a steward for those without a voice. In my mind there is nothing more worth preserving for future generations than those three aspects. Nothing more human than to love who you are. To love others and to love were you come from.

“One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self.” – Fred Rogers


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