Kaleidoscopic Effect

Time changes many things. A person can grow as much in a day as someone could in a year. Time means something different to everyone and everything that inhabits our “seamless” reality. To me it’s a still, microscopic moment.  I see it played out before me like old movie film,- in panels– every second of every day. Accept that our “panels” start off blank until the very moment when we choose a path. Now has already passed. The future, to flex, swell and expand before it too finally dissipates into the past. It moves silently, decidedly so. The future is never permanent.  As we all rage on in the squall of time, our actions co-mingle and change.

The memories we bury, have just taken seed. When spring time comes, they turn into weeds. They will creep in your window, to smother your dreams. You know, fate has a funny way of coming around. Oh the karma names, like scripture, in the soles of our feet. Each footprint that they take, will tell of our deed. Tell them MADNESS! Though they will follow and reap. The low tides come to swallow the heat. This bottle of burbbage, now dry as a bone. It drank us all up then left us alone. Well, we have since switched to skull-pipe, but we cant choke it down. You know, fate has a funny way, of coming around.

Loving in this hollow field, it’s where I am, it’s where i’ll be. In the end it’s what you’ve done to me. I’m fair out there. How dare she call my name out there. Well I don’t believe in god and I dont believe I can. well, how strange, how strange. She took me to her country where I learned to be a man. Now she’s arranged to have me learn it all again. How dare she call my name. For mother I brought water, did field work for her father. I’ve shined my boots and then I cut my hair. That stationed turned ice cold, I saw train smoke, I swear I choked. I said i’m moving west but you best stay here! Today I got some mail that said my baby misses me. How dare, un-faire, how dare. Says the west, it inst kind, she needs the farm and hates the sea. how dare she call my name.

My thought’s and feelings bleed in the open spaces. None of this is random. Nothing ever is. It’s decided, but only by you. Heed the warnings. Listen carefully, love tenderly, enjoy the small things. Open your eyes and experience life as it shifts before your feet. Don’t worry about the summer heat. It like everything else will fade.

It’s funny when you think of a Kaleidoscope, you think of how it’s always different. When in reality, nothing ever changed except your impressions, and expectations upon it.

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