Honest and True

My words they are real, fucking honest and true. I’m sorry the timing -if anything- could not please you. I feel every time I win I’ve really just lost. And now look at me. At what cost?

Who do I owe? Who’s wallets deserve my days work? In the end it’s only I who get’s hurt. No time for pleasantries no time for fun. If you say to much, they’ve already won.

Tides come in, they recede and fade. Like strokes on a watch careful, not jaded. Un-hindered by jealousy, lust, compassion your another face on the wall, the latest fashion.

Why do I bother with gifts and glits? Why do I care about frivolous shit? I’m but a man, as mortal as I am nothing I can do will change. It will come again when that time arises. Fast and swift as the pale moon flies. Swift as an arrow that pierces my heart, you thrust forward your mor’gul blade deep within my chest. The hours grow late and I lumber another night without rest.

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