With a fresh pot of coffee, my laptop, an insatiable affinity with the outdoors and my craving to see the world- I can pretty much sum myself up there.

My name is John. I’m a 22 year old an avid outdoors enthusiast, novice writer, wicked sarcastic, part-time photographer, full time lover, never take anything for granted , always see the glass half full, greenhorn adventurer and volunteer extraordinaire! I’m the type of person who knows what he want’s in life but until recently, had NO idea how to make ANY of it possible.

I run a small blog, and make a short living taking small, sometimes awkward jobs. I’m recently learning how to make sense of online business, marketing. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t like to over complicate things. My tune is generally positive, but I preach the truth whenever I can. I have my opinions, but I always respect those of others. The truth comes hard and fast. Remember it’s not what you want to hear, it’s what you need to hear.

I’m a simple man looking to live a simple life. With the many joys and wonders this world holds. Waking up to the morning sun warming the still damp earth. Exploring nature’s many hidden wonders.  I feel I have to act now or forever be stuck in the rat race of the every-day. No thanks, that’s not for me.

I’m from Boston. I’m one of those good guys. Someone who’s always going to be there for you. To be that crutch when you need one. I root for the underdog but always cheer on my home team. When you first meet me, I’m likely to shake your hand and give you a big bearded smile.

Simplicity is bliss, ignorance is a product of life.

See you on the trails! Love, Peace and chicken grease.

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